About Us

About four decades ago, we have been offering Maroo cosmetics products with the aim of producing superior Iranian products in competition with the best foreign products to the national market. By having better materials and possible formulation, Mero products have a good place in terms of market quality for themselves. Have done. Based on the high experience and experience in this industry, we have always been trying to improve our country's quality of life, we have provided them with the right quality products and prices. The products of Mero are formulated and classified according to the international standards of the best raw materials in various types. Has been. Due to the diversity of climatic and racial diversity in Iran, many people, especially women, are concerned about using appropriate and effective products for makeup and hygiene. The company's research and development unit, as the trustee of conducting research projects in the field of high-quality activities, promotes quality and innovation. The product is in stock.
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