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Mero Products
Mero creams are in accordance with world standards with the best raw materials in glycerine, vitamin, cucumber, hands and face containing almond oil, soft moisturizer containing jojoba oil, hand and nails containing argan oil, hydrator containing Aloora extract and battery object, anti-types Sun, hand and body lotion.
Cream Powder
Make-up is one of the favorites of any woman and the use of crepe powder is one of the most common types of make-up because it gives a natural color to the skin. Cream powder Merv has a light, soft and creamy texture that creates a complete covering on the skin
lip Stick
Make-up is one of the favorite things of any woman who is surprised to do it. Lip makeup can be done with a skin-friendly lipstick. Mero lipstick is a solid and opaque lacquer that has a long lasting texture and provides natural coloration with natural pigments.
Makeup Cleanser
As the use of cosmetics among women has become permanent and permanent, the use of a cleaner is just as important to have a clean, clear, clear skin that cleans and cleanses the skin of cosmetics. Continuously vital.

About four decades ago, we have been offering Mero cosmetics products with the aim of producing superior Iranian products in competition with the best foreign products to the national market. By having better materials and possible formulation, Mero products have a good place in terms of market quality for themselves. Have done. Based on the high experience and experience in this industry, we have always been trying to improve our country's quality of life, we have provided them with the right quality products and prices. The products of Mero are formulated and classified according to the international standards of the best raw materials in various types.